Introducing My Newsletter

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything new, and it’s long overdue. I don’t know why I go through these long periods of inactivity.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I allow myself to become distracted by unproductive activities such as TV, social media, etc. I have ongoing editing projects with two clients, but I miss writing and creating stories and poetry. I’ve also neglected my photography.

I’ve recently detached from Twitter due to a handful of reasons. I’ll get into that in another post, maybe not here, but on LinkedIn.

That brings me to the purpose of this post, my newsletter. I was looking for a way to connect to various audiences without joining a long list of social media platforms. I am sick, so sick of most social media these days. Please don’t mistake this as a total banning of all social media on my part. No, on the contrary. I’m detaching myself from most but keeping those platforms that work best for me.

LinkedIn is one of those platforms that works for me. Unfortunately, I have neglected it for quite some time. So, after talking to a friend who provided some information about LinkedIn newsletters, I created one. I have it set for monthly updates, but that is just a baseline. I’ll likely write sporadic articles on various subjects throughout each month.

So, if you are on LinkedIn, please check out my newsletter. If you are interested in continued updates, please subscribe.

Also, I’d be happy to connect with you. Here’s my LinkedIn profile.


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