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Thank you for stopping by my author website, where you will find a variety of fiction and poetry on my “Home” page. My fiction stories include fantasy worlds, suspense, intrigue, and paranormal/supernatural activity. However, beware of the paranormal because it might stop your heart—horror creeps into some of my short stories. I do hope you enjoy reading my short stories and poetry. Please feel free to share them, like and leave a comment. I always reply to comments.

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The invasion was sudden and took everyone by surprise—as invasions typically do. Nobody knew what they were or where they came from. It was apparent, though, they were not of this world. The city, in complete chaos, groaned as it burned to ashes. Death was imminent, and the old woman surrendered her sight as she sat alone on the abandoned train.

Surreal Manifestation

Jane sat in her canoe, listening as the water bubbled and splashed against the side. She sat strategically positioned—staring down a tunnel between pilings of the pier. As Jane watched the sun fall asleep, a greenish liquid carpet rolled in its direction. Surreal. She waited for inspiration and watched for a sign of hope. At that moment, a Great Egret manifested—a blessing now bestowed, a new path emerged.

Photo credit and copyrights: Jean-Claude Ardila.

To see more photography from Jean-Claude, visit his Facebook page or his Etsy shop.

Soul Corridor – Brendan and Cara

Brendan ascended the steep jagged stone steps to the top of the cavern. He stopped for a moment, glanced down toward the valley, still amazed at the journey he had embarked on. His adventure, though short-lived, gave credence to the stories his grandfather told him. The ancient-looking texts in his grandfather’s library wielded outlandish stories of other worlds accessed through a mystical tunnel or corridor. The Appalachians called this section of the Tennessee mountain range, Fateful Mountain.

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Soul Corridor – Containment

The year 1738

Decimus walked through the dank corridor, careful not to stumble over the dead. The strong smell of iron from spilled blood churned his stomach. He saw his father, Cyrus, at the far entrance to the corridor. What sort of evil could cross the barrier to the corridor? Whose soul is this dark? Decimus, in shock from the horrific scene, wiped the sweat off his forehead. He peered into the dark end of the tunnel, and then he heard his father call to him.

“Decimus, come here. Don’t go any farther.”

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Coffee Shop Magic

Myrtle stepped off the city bus and was careful not to trip over her cane. Her 86-year-old body was brittle and worn from a long but exciting life. Months of staying inside began to tear down her mental health. The four walls of her apartment only seemed to exasperate her loneliness for people.

Her husband, Dan, died of a heart attack six years ago. They never got around to starting a family, so she didn’t have children or grandchildren to fill her days. Most of Myrtle’s friends had died within the past decade. The word “alone” never entered her vocabulary until her husband left this plane of existence.

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Ghost Rumors

Julie sat in the back seat with her twelve-year-old brother, who annoyed her most of the time. Ten-year-old Julie swirled her stringy brown hair through her fingers and wished for curls. Today her parents, Ray and Sandy, were moving the family from Syracuse, New York to the small town of Moravia.

Julie snapped at her brother, “Knock it off,” as Tommy kept nudging her leg with his dirty sneakers.

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