love and romance July 2020

A Glass Music Box

What do people share

when they come together?

Perhaps it’s a glass of decadence.


What do people see

when they stare at each other?

Perhaps it’s their reflection.


Gears grinding, windows steaming

as they both climb into

A Glass Music Box.

The Perils of Fake Fish Dot Com

I’ve gone fishing many times

casting out my fishing line

hoping to snag a migrating kingfish

I’ve stalked the many fishing sites

sometimes I get a hundred bites

and then they break the line

Perhaps I need some sweeter bait

to entice the fish I want to catch

there are many hungry fish to feed

Some fish are bold and some are shy

it’s hard to tell what kind they are

I’m used to fishing at a bar

I finally caught the biggest fish

I must have used the perfect bait

he was hungry, he was desperate

I cooked him well and chewed him up

my kingfish paid with his heart

never knowing the fake fish cost

You Don’t Know Me Yet

You don’t know

that my favorite color is blue

You don’t realize

that I am here for you

You don’t know me yet!

You never call me

when you know I am home

You never hold my hand

when you know I need you to

You don’t know me yet!

Where will you take me

on our honeymoon

Where will you take me

on our anniversary

You don’t know me yet!

Do you always eat alone

and wish you had a partner

Do you always sleep alone

and wish you had a lover

Don’t worry, it won’t be long

You don’t know me yet!

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