Polarized, Entry One


Therapy entry, October 8

Dear Journal,

Since a two-week stay in the mental health unit at Evergreen Heights Hospital, I missed our alone time. You and your pages are my loyal confidants. Dr. Medford insisted he read everything, so I had to be careful about what I wrote to you. The doctor said he needs me to continue writing to you while I am home. Continue reading Polarized, Entry One here.

Polarized, Entry Two


Therapy entry, October 15 

Dear Jorja, 

Surprise, I’m back. In truth, I never left. Did you think I would slip into the background— integrate and become consumed by you? Continue reading Polarized, Entry Two here.

Polarized, Entry Three


Therapy entry, October 22


No! Dr. Medford told me you left—forever, and for good. How did you find me? How did you find my journal? I hid it, where nobody would ever think of looking. Continue reading Polarized, Entry Three here.

Polarized, Entry Four


Therapy entry, October 29 


There is no getting rid of me. Dr. Medford is a fool. We’re entwined, sprung forth from the same soul into this miserable world. Although I must say, my world is a little more pleasant without Cole yapping about. What about yours? Continue reading Polarized, Entry Four here.

Polarized, Entry Five


Therapy entry, November 5


Okay. Fine. So, I can’t get rid of you. However, I can fight you at every turn. At least I’ll try to. Wait, perhaps I’ll show you just how strong I am. You think of me as the weakest link in our relationship. Your weakness, though, is overconfidence—it often blinds you to things I do without your help. Continue reading Polarized, Entry Five here.

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