Humanity is Necessity

There is no special formula for being human. Therefore, there is no special formula for the “humanities.” The humanities are exclusive to us. What we create is of our minds and driven by needs and wants. Whether it be a fictional story, a robot, a painting or a poem; it is from us. The term “We’ve come a long way” is a testament to the humanities. We’ve tried, we’ve failed, we’ve learned the hard lessons. Technology is born out of the human mind and ingenuity. It is a shared experience of both success and failure. How could we improve upon our inventions without the humanities? We have loved ones across the country, and a hundred years ago the only way to see them was to travel (if we could). Now, however, through the thoughtfulness and critical thinking of the tech geeks, we can see and speak to our loved ones instantly via our phones, tablets, or computers. Being creative is being human. Being human is being creative. We, humans, are emotional creatures and we are driven by those emotions. Where is the value of our human existence if we ignore our own humanity? We wouldn’t have the conveniences we have today if we did not value ourselves or each other. Enriching lives through the creativity of our human mind is truly valuable.


I saw God this morning

This morning was a typical morning. Typical because I awoke to the typical physical pain that I have awoken to for the past three years. A fused right ankle from an injury had flared up once again. The remnants of a flu virus had sent me into a convulsion of coughing. It was 7 am–sunlight peeked through the blinds, and I was suddenly wide awake. After getting the violent cough under my control, I carefully stepped out of bed. I quickly sat back down on the side of the bed and massaged my right foot and ankle. Ah, much better I thought. I stood up again, and though the pain was still there, it was tolerable.

I have great plans today. Continue reading “I saw God this morning”

The Audience

We all want an audience for what we choose to write. Finding that audience is not as easy as you would think. I’m at a real conundrum in my writing. I love to write personal narratives, poetry, and fiction. I like to write fictional stories which usually include dragons. I have written plenty of short personal stories about my youth or about anything that I happen to find inspirational. So, when asked who I think my audience is I stutter and stammer like a child giving their first oral report. Then, I shrug my shoulders. Continue reading “The Audience”

A Mountain of Inspiration

Chimney Rock

If you love nature as much as I do you’ll love Chimney Rock State Park which is a North Carolina state park in Chimney Rock, Rutherford County, North Carolina. When I was much younger, in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to visit this park. My family and I hiked the outcroppings trail with its signature 315-foot spire that overlooks Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure. The ascent up the wooden steps that make up this trail leads you to the 535-million-year-old monolith for which the Park is named. It is one of the most iconic sites in North Carolina. This granite outcropping is on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains and truly takes your breath away. Continue reading “A Mountain of Inspiration”

What inspires you?

I want to welcome you to my first official blog. As I am just a newborn in the blogging world I will, no doubt, be evolving. My journey in writing is not all that new, however. I’ve had a growing passion for the craft since my late teens. In my early twenties, I entered several poetry contests winning an honorable mention twice. I have several poems published in three anthologies. As life moved ever forward, it became hectic and often messy leaving me too busy to pursue writing on any level.

I continued to read often, however, and when I hit the age of fifty, I figured it was time to put an end to that feeling of missing out on an opportunity. At the moment, I have approximately one year left of my stint at Southern New Hampshire University at which point I will finally have my BA in Creative Writing.

So, what do I like to write about? As I mentioned above, I like to write poetry. If you stopped by my “About” page, you would have discovered that I also enjoy writing short stories and have given a few short stories as gifts to my friends. (Oh, and you would have also read that snow is not my cup of tea–I prefer the heat over snow.) I admit that writing my first novel and having it published would certainly be a dream come true. Still, even if that doesn’t happen for a long time to come, I’ll continue to enjoy writing on this blog about good books, nature, historic towns, and other beautiful places.

What inspires you? Whatever it may be, do something to enjoy it further. Life is what we make of it and don’t we all want to share the things that inspire us? Feel free to drop me a note and share what inspires you. Even if I’ve never visited a place, there is plenty to explore through reading about that location. No matter how you find your inspiration, it can be used to inspire others. I hope you continue to visit my blog The Creative Soul and gain inspiration from it. If I’ve inspired you in any way feel free to share my blog. I’ll not say goodbye–instead, I’ll see you next time around.