Reunion, Part One


Dear J, 

You certainly took me by surprise, and I must say, you never did cease to amaze me. After all these years, you decide to reach out to me? I almost deleted your email when I read your name. I kicked this back and forth, whether I should reply to you, but my curiosity got the best of me. Continue reading Reunion, Part One here.

Reunion, Part Two


Dear Jim,

I knew you would be shocked to hear from me. One of our classmates, who is in charge of the invitations, asked me if I would help contact those who hadn’t yet RSVP’d. The reunion is approaching soon, and the planning committee needs to know an approximate number of attendees. I agreed to help, and you are on the list. Continue reading Reunion, Part Two here.

Reunion, Part Three


Dear Jolyne, 

I’m not sure how to begin my response or why I’m writing one, but I believe we must reach some degree of closure. I suppose a part of me wants you to acknowledge I didn’t deserve to be bullied. No one does. Continue reading Reunion, Part Three here.

Reunion, Part Four


Dear Jim,

You say you don’t know why you decided to reply to my second email, and I must tell you I’m also surprised you answered. As for seeing you in town, I thought I had. It was someone else, apparently. Continue reading Reunion, Part Four here.

Reunion, Part Five



Fate is funny. You weren’t sure why you reached out to me, and I wasn’t sure why I replied. Now we both understand. We needed to release ourselves from our pasts once and for all. Why do we think we know what’s going on inside of other people? How could we? Continue reading Reunion, Part Five here.

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