Four Years Wasted

laptop2V_mockingbird_from morguefile



It started with the
We had so much in common
we thought
You said you loved her, except
you broke it off
To be with me

I was about to give up on
Until you suddenly appeared
in chat
You provoked my curiosity and
I lowered my resistance
So you could be with me

The first year was
Your love flowed like lava
searing my very soul
I formed a glacier to
shield my outer shell
Now you think I’m fine

The second year proved
I was always sorting through
your words
I had a new profession called
private detective
The double meaning of your words was

On our third year, we saw
the sun
We finally started our business called
the couple
With resources combined into an
investment called home
The sky was so blue and
the air so clear

The fourth year was covered in soot, so
You were back to the
You told her you love me, but
it’s not working out
I took on a second job called
waste management

Ragged fibers of my heart were
dripping sorrow
Raised white scars were
forming on my soul
You managed once again to
put me in my place

I sat
staring out the smoky window
Four years wasted





A storm of Many Faces – Faces of Community


It was a week before Hurricane Irma was to hit somewhere in the state of Florida and tensions were high. I could feel it everywhere I went. Water and gas were beginning to deplete all over the state of Florida. I recall the moment when we decided to fill the gas cans with gas for our generator. It was Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Irma wasn’t supposed to hit the west coast of Florida. She, or rather her core was supposed to hit closer to the East side or up the spine of the State—and Irma wouldn’t reach our section of the state until Sunday night. Therefore we figured we would have no problem finding gas for the generator. We always were able to do so for other hurricanes. We had misjudged the timing, however, and even five days ahead of the storm the gas stations were already running out of gas. No matter what time we went out looking for gas the stations were out, or there were lines so long that by the time we could get up to the pump they’d probably be empty. By Friday the point was mute—no gas anywhere. Continue reading “A storm of Many Faces – Faces of Community”

Hurricane Irma

Hello, my dear followers and readers. I recently lived through Hurricane Irma and did not have the time, power, or the internet to write. Even now, though I do have power and the internet back, I have other things that need to be done first. I will be writing several pieces in the next several days. Please stay tuned in. I will also have a few photos of our property and the surrounding area that were taken the morning after Hurricane Irma hit.

Thank you for your continued support. Hugs and love!

Celebrating Life not Age

birthday cake.jpg

I’ve recently had a birthday. I turned 53 this past August 27. I am one of those people who love to celebrate my birthday no matter what my age is. However, I have many friends, male and female, who do not enjoy “being reminded” of their age. I want you to think about that for a moment. Why is it that some of us take so much pleasure in celebrating our birthdays while others dread the very week that their birthday appears? Continue reading “Celebrating Life not Age”

I saw God this morning

This morning was a typical morning. Typical because I awoke to the typical physical pain that I have awoken to for the past three years. A fused right ankle from an injury had flared up once again. The remnants of a flu virus had sent me into a convulsion of coughing. It was 7 am–sunlight peeked through the blinds, and I was suddenly wide awake. After getting the violent cough under my control, I carefully stepped out of bed. I quickly sat back down on the side of the bed and massaged my right foot and ankle. Ah, much better I thought. I stood up again, and though the pain was still there, it was tolerable.

I have great plans today. Continue reading “I saw God this morning”