A Map Unfinished


It’s been a dark and dreary road that she has traveled for so long that she can hardly remember what it is like to see the road ahead in perfect clarity. She is always clearing the obstacles in her path and realizes how slow her progress has been. There was a time when she happily skipped along a light and smooth path that brought her daily joy. She thinks back on those days. So carefree and it was the best time of her life. But the decades change, and with that change, dark clouds appear and bring strong storms. A flooding of obstacles and locked doors are around every corner of her life. She finally stops to rest and takes out the map of her life’s journey. She stares at the blank white sections of the map. What is supposed to be there? The time has come that she knows will eventually add more roads and paths to her map. She knows it will be a forever changing map. And even though the blank sections scare her she knows that she will not have to discover the changes alone.  Continue reading “A Map Unfinished”