If I was Katherine Minola the [Untamed] Shrew

What if Katherine Minola was never tamed? Could it be she put on a mask and if she did what was she actually thinking? Let’s take a look at what she might have been thinking. Let’s a take a moment to ponder her quiet plan. 


Watching all these women marrying and becoming no better than a piece of furniture or a cow in the field is maddening. It is as if they are mindless dolls. I am Katherine Minola. I have a voice, and I want to express myself in whatever manner I choose. Why must I silence myself to please a man and kiss his feet for my very existence? I hate that father uses me to control Bianca’s future. It all makes me want to live in my own palace and govern it all for myself. Why is my happiness reliant on what a man wants from me? Continue reading “If I was Katherine Minola the [Untamed] Shrew”