Four Years Wasted

laptop2V_mockingbird_from morguefile



It started with the
We had so much in common
we thought
You said you loved her, except
you broke it off
To be with me

I was about to give up on
Until you suddenly appeared
in chat
You provoked my curiosity and
I lowered my resistance
So you could be with me

The first year was
Your love flowed like lava
searing my very soul
I formed a glacier to
shield my outer shell
Now you think I’m fine

The second year proved
I was always sorting through
your words
I had a new profession called
private detective
The double meaning of your words was

On our third year, we saw
the sun
We finally started our business called
the couple
With resources combined into an
investment called home
The sky was so blue and
the air so clear

The fourth year was covered in soot, so
You were back to the
You told her you love me, but
it’s not working out
I took on a second job called
waste management

Ragged fibers of my heart were
dripping sorrow
Raised white scars were
forming on my soul
You managed once again to
put me in my place

I sat
staring out the smoky window
Four years wasted





Dot on a Speck


Have you ever wondered about your very existence? I’m sure at some point you wondered how you fit in as part of the universe. What if you could just float straight up and watch the world and everything on it get smaller until you found yourself in unfamiliar space–how would that feel? Perhaps a bit like this. Continue reading “Dot on a Speck”

Story by Jill Yoder


His story becomes


Her story points to

his story

He is her legacy

Her agony

started his story

She teaches

as he reaches

He listens

to her lessons

She cries

when he flies

He’s brave

as she waves

First story

Second story

Third story

He climbs

Her story defines

The glory he finds.