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Thank you for stopping by my author website, where you will find a variety of fiction and poetry on my “Home” page. My fiction stories include fantasy worlds, suspense, intrigue, and paranormal/supernatural activity. However, beware of the paranormal because it might stop your heart—horror creeps into some of my short stories. I do hope you... Continue Reading →

A Glass Music Box

What do people share when they come together? Perhaps it’s a glass of decadence Cheers What do people see when they stare at each other? Perhaps it’s their reflection. Spilling Gears grinding, windows steaming as they both climb into A Glass Music Box

Love – Purest Enigma

What path does love choose Does it choose only to exchange bodily fluids Can it be a simple gesture of thoughtfulness Perhaps it chooses to entwine itself around its lover’s soul Does love exist It’s not tangible You can’t pick it up It has no shape, and you can’t see it It doesn’t make a... Continue Reading →

From Solitude to Gratitude

I miss my wall; that beautiful stone wall in summer; overlooking the clover field; cornfield swaying and shushing behind me woodchucks’ fuzzy brown heads would always pop up from the doors of their underground homes I miss my wall; with the pasture on the left with spotted cows; black and white one by one they’d... Continue Reading →

Dot on a Speck

Have you ever wondered about your very existence? I'm sure at some point you wondered how you fit in as part of the universe. What if you could just float straight up and watch the world and everything on it get smaller until you found yourself in unfamiliar space--how would that feel? Perhaps a bit... Continue Reading →

Story by Jill Yoder

Story His story becomes history Her story points to his story He is her legacy Her agony started his story She teaches as he reaches He listens to her lessons She cries when he flies He’s brave as she waves First story Second story Third story He climbs Her story defines The glory he finds.

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