Reflections of a Stone Wall

With youth brings a lot of things and a lot of lessons. But the things that always come to my mind when remembering my childhood are the many fascinating adventures my siblings, and I had growing up on a little four-acre farm in upstate New York. There wasn’t the technology of today back in the days of my youth. We didn’t sit on the couch with our eyes in a daze looking at a cell phone, television screen, or play video games. We were outside in the fresh air riding our bikes on country roads, building forts in the small wooded areas surrounding our home, and exploring the farmer’s fields down the road.


Random stone wall


One of my fondest memories, however, was walking through the corn fields and clover fields that belonged to the neighboring farmer who was a family friend. Our destination on these walks was the stone wall at the top of a small hill. Stone walls are icons of a time long passed. I learned something fascinating about stone walls in an article from The Spectrum written by Al Cooper. It noted that in the year 1871 there were 252,539 miles of stone walls in New England and New York alone. This information was reported, at the time, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Stone walls were used primarily as boundary lines and animal fencing. Continue reading “Reflections of a Stone Wall”