Sneak Peeks of Current Projects

I know that you are accustomed to reading about various aspects of my life, the books I’ve read, and places I’ve visited, however, I also enjoy writing a bit of fiction. I currently have a fantasy fiction novel started where dragons are the stars of the show.

Here is a synopsis of the magic of Maesah: a city ruled by a pair of respected dragons.

The dragons of Maesah were content and safe under the rule of King Jynsido and his Queen Meora. However, after a trio of young dragons make a startling discovery of a mysterious dark hole, they become unsettled. No one knows what lies beyond the hole. King Jynsido must decide whether to risk entering a place with the possibility of no return to learn more about the world or seal off the hole and maintain leadership. Against Queen Meora’s wishes, he makes his way through the hole to the world beyond. King Jynsido encounters an evil that could seal his fate and change everything for Queen Meora and the dragons of Maesah.

08/16/17 – Project on hold for now. Need to step away from it to give me a fresh look in the next couple of weeks. I will keep you posted.