When We Begin to Crumble

Image by Lars Nissen from Pixabay  Life has a way of not only throwing us lemons but also chipping away at our foundation. So when you think about the changes in society and how they affect your life, it is no wonder that you begin to crumble. Gas prices are rising, the grocery bill is nearly doubled, and... Continue Reading →

When families are family

What is the nuance of a family? It depends on the family I suppose. When things go wrong or bad things happen families can do one of two things. They can fall apart and lose themselves, or they can rally together and improve the situation. I recently had a few scares within my family. One... Continue Reading →

Can you hear the Whip-poor-will?

Some songs play well with our ears, and some songs wreak havoc with them. Then some songs evoke a magical realm that transports us to the forest of whimsical animals and peaceful creatures. One such song is that of the Whip-poor-will. Its song is like a beckoning to our ears that draws us into our... Continue Reading →

From Harvest to Planting

  What should we do now that the year 2017 is over and 2018 has begun? We harvest the ripened crops of course. Then, we plant more seeds for the future. As I take the time to reflect on the past year, I see my successes and my failures. I thrived in some areas and... Continue Reading →

Humanity is Necessity

There is no special formula for being human. Therefore, there is no special formula for the "humanities." The humanities are exclusive to us. What we create is of our minds and driven by needs and wants. Whether it be a fictional story, a robot, a painting or a poem; it is from us. The term "We've... Continue Reading →

Giving and Receiving

Since the Holiday Season is upon us, I thought I'd contemplate on what it means to me. I've always preferred to give than to receive. However, receiving is an awesome feeling to me only when it is unexpected; a complete surprise. But, then, I feel sort of guilty for receiving. I know I shouldn't feel... Continue Reading →

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