Illusion or Perception

Jump, they told us. Will it be down or up? None of us knew for sure where we’d end up. We didn’t know any different because our lives started on this ship. Clouds didn’t indicate up. I never understood the meaning of the word up or down concerning relocation.

All any of us perceived were rows and columns. I lived in row 500 red, column 4 blue. I recognized what right and left meant, but up and down never seemed relevant regarding the mass of our vessel. Of course, in our living quarters, up and down had significance. In regards to our bodies, up and down made sense.

My sister made the jump last year. I asked if she jumped up or down—it was down, they told me. How do they discern direction? It’s all so confusing. I suppose the destination answered that question. My older brother jumped three years ago, but nobody could locate him. How can that be?

Rumors spread quickly here. When a destination of up or down isn’t determined, the jumper must have landed in unexplored territory. I hope that my brother isn’t alone. My jump is scheduled for two days from now; will it be up or down? I went to the jump site and looked at the clouds. Everyone goes in the same direction, don’t they? I am confused, and I am scared. Still, I must jump, so I will jump.


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  1. At times in our lives we had all been, fotrced to do what we don’t, what we’re, not yet, ready to do, but we still, do it, to fit, outside expectations of who or, what we need to, be in this life, and, we abandon the truths of, our selves…

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