Thirst And Desire

I heard the raucous voices in the back room of the warehouse—four men playing poker. A beer sat on the table adjacent to each man’s hand to quench their thirst. Fluids quench our thirst—water being the most essential. But, for some, thirst is never satisfied by conventional means. Hiding behind a stack of crates, I saw him—a muscular, stealthy man-like being. My heart quickened from his presence. I followed his every move, and somehow I sensed his awareness of me. He hesitated at the door to the back room and turned to glance in my direction. Glowing red eyes glared at me—then the door flew open, and seconds later, the screams erupted. Frozen in fear, I knew my fate was sealed. His desire for me matched my thirst for him. I belonged to the beast—immortality.


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