They offered us three choices. When my planet died, we had nowhere to go, so we relied on other beings’ help. If I could select a world to live on, it would be one of my creation. However, that was not a choice.

They suggested to us three worlds, each with unique societies. One world exuded vibrant hues in the sky, the ground, and water—it was the most visually beautiful. The people competed in all things and for all things. Competition ruled all aspects of their society. I cannot imagine the stress, nor do I want to.

The second world presented darkness with only four hours of sunlight each day. The beings on this planet scurried like mice in bright tunnels underground. This planet was cold. The only colors that appeared were in artificial light most of the time. I don’t want to live in the dark or burrows.

The third world provided a remarkable mix of barren land and rich, green oases. This planet showed a blend of many creatures living in harmony with minimal conflict. Make no mistake; conflicts occurred, as on any planet. Nevertheless, the individual communities are far enough apart; those disagreements worked themselves out naturally.

Everyone had the liberty to roam, create, and discover new regions. Monetary gains did not rule on this planet. People existed on what each oasis offered—they lived a simple but hard-working life. I choose this planet. The riches I seek are within, not without. Freedom to allow me to exist in a realm of discovery and peace suits me. I am home.


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