Standing near the waterfall drowned the worries of the world. Echoes of a past life of spontaneous adventures swirled into images in the lake at the bottom. She heard nothing but the roar of water on the rocks below, and the expanding ripples in the lake formed visions of past, present, and future.

The stillness of the moment mixed with the force of nature created an intersection of wonder and introspection. The woman enjoyed money, a home, and a family, though her life wasn’t always balanced. In her youth, she often walked the threshold between danger and common sense.

Laughing, she realized that sitting at the edge of the cliff near a waterfall was precisely that—a line between risk and common sense. The blurred line ignited her senses—breathing deep, she smelled the water beating against the precipice—the sound of the thunderous force of the waterfall—and the coolness of the mist on her skin.

It relieved her to know she remained true to herself. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she yelled into the surrounding cavern, “I am still me.” The echo of her words bounced in every direction reminding the world that it could not take her adventurous spirit.


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