Love – Purest Enigma

What path does love choose

Does it choose only to exchange

bodily fluids

Can it be a simple gesture

of thoughtfulness

Perhaps it chooses to entwine

itself around its lover’s soul

Does love exist

It’s not tangible

You can’t pick it up

It has no shape, and you can’t see it

It doesn’t make a sound

You can’t hear it

It floats like air

What is love

It is not just an emotion

It is an action, a thought

and even a kiss on the lips

It is a hug, a smile or a twinkling eye

It can be a sacrifice and

even a mother’s lullaby

Who needs love

Babies fail to thrive without it

A dying man craves it once more

Couples use it as their dance

Animals defend their young to the death

Plants produce more when loved

with water and proper soil

What path does love choose

You ask once more

Have you not learned that love is love

It selects the path to open arms

The concept of love

isn’t obvious, but surely is

The purest form of Enigma


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