You’re Going To Love The Ride!

I write for Coffee House Writers and have enjoyed meeting many talented writers. One such writer is Julie Kusma, who is an amazing storyteller. I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading her latest short story collection. Many of the stories were first published on Coffee House Writers. I recommend this book to all readers who love adventure and sitting on the edge of their seats.

Here is my review on Amazon.

Julie Kusma shows us the brilliant spectacle of her mind in this collection of stories. The book starts with pixelated mischief in the story “Stuck That Way.” Perhaps if I slow down my energy, I will float into the heavens—hmm, it’s worth try. In the next story, “Something Lurking,” we find ourselves shapeshifting rather than pixelating. I’m not sure what is scarier, becoming sentient, or losing one’s self to a voracious inner animal.

But, if you think pixelating and shapeshifting is scary, try not to piss off your neighbor like those in the story “By Induction.” If you do piss off your neighbor, you might find yourself in a jar of trouble—trying to stay alive. And, don’t get me started on the proverbial “mother-in-law” gift—you know the gifts that are meant to send a sarcastic message? In “That’s Creepy Santa,” you’ll never look at those majestic Santa dolls the same. It may induce a nightmare of evil.

Speaking of evil, it’s time for school. Do you play it safe or play it stubbornly? The next story, “Relevant Evidence,” reminds us of the evil that is creeping behind dark corners. Lastly, the story “Devilish Game” is a devilishly delightful war between two families; good & evil, light & dark, and the right to be free from banishment to furniture.

Do you like roller coasters? If you do, this is the book for you. If you don’t, not to worry, you’ll wake up from the nightmare eventually.

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