A Sunday Of Dreams

Greetings to all of my readers and fellow writers. It is Sunday. I have plans, and though it is a beautiful winter day here in my sunny state of Florida, I plan to stay inside and write. It isn’t often that I have the time to devote to pure writing. Lately, I’ve been “fitting in” my writing between a busy schedule. That means the quality of my writing has suffered. But, today should prove to be peaceful and productive.

It is a cool 62 degrees in central Florida. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, and a gentle breeze is gracing me with its presence. I think a hot cup of tea will soon be by my side. In my opinion, there isn’t anything better than to sit near an open window, listening to nature, drinking tea, and writing.

These are the moments that pique my imagination and open up my dreams. Part one of my story “They’re Watching Me” will publish Monday, February 23, 2020. I will use today to do some research and write part two.

It is essential to take time for yourself. I talk and write about self-care often. I happen to know how difficult it is to practice the elusive self-care. I’ve learned to recognize when I need these moments. When I feel run-down, when I can’t concentrate, and when I begin to get irritated with others, that is when I know it’s time for decompressing.

Even sitting here next to my open window, feeling the breeze, and typing out this short piece is therapeutic. I’m asking all of you to please take that moment of decompression. Do you like to take your bike to the local bike trails? Then do it. Do you want to ski? Then do that. Whatever it is that brings you personal joy, that is the thing to do. Have a happy Sunday of dreams!

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