The Writer’s Dialogue


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Writers are unique in the world. Every writer has a special voice and style that is specific to them. An author’s style and voice are as unique as their fingerprints. No matter what genre you prefer to write you still need an ear that is not your own to bounce ideas against. The “what ifs” and “how to’s” need sorting and what better way than to sit down with a fellow writer and friend to discuss your story–or anything else about a writer’s platform.  An honest dialogue is important between writers.

Far too often I see writers trying to go at it alone and when they finally reach out in hopes of some feedback from their peers they hear the proverbial crickets. Why is that? For an up and coming writer or author who is getting their feet wet for the first time, it is nerve wracking to stick the toe in the water. Setting up their first blog, Twitter account, and all other social media in hopes of networking their writing is hard work.

I, for one, would like to know if I am doing things right. I like to get feedback if I put myself out there and show statistics. If I present or show something that I think is positive and I do not hear a word from my peers, I am left floundering. Then, I am left doubting myself. Do I believe that it is good and I am just deceiving myself? Are my peers quiet because I am foolish and they don’t know how to tell me? For any writer, thoughtful feedback is always welcome.

Refuse to be silent. Have a dialogue. No matter how small the milestone is for your writer friends be sure to say something–anything. Let’s have each other’s backs. I’ll learn from you, and you might learn from me. What do we have to lose? No, nevermind that–we should be thinking about what we have to win.

I look forward to a conversation with you. Any conversation is a good conversation.



3 thoughts on “The Writer’s Dialogue

  1. This is a great article! I think that the biggest hurdle is that writers are so used to rejection they stop trying. We should support each other and band together. I am always here and would love to be there for any writer just like I know you all will be there for me.

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