Dot on a Speck


Have you ever wondered about your very existence? I’m sure at some point you wondered how you fit in as part of the universe. What if you could just float straight up and watch the world and everything on it get smaller until you found yourself in unfamiliar space–how would that feel? Perhaps a bit like this.


Dot on a Speck

A smiling face—amphitheater

Epic zoom out—planet Earth

Cousin moon—lunar orbit

Asteroid travelers—relative planets

Tighten the Kuiper belt—and

Visit dwarf planets—a

Light-year of travel—and

Neighboring balls of burning gasses


Alpha Centauri, Sirius—and Procyon

Local interstellar clouds—one hundred

Light years away—spiral

Arm of Sagittarius—passing

Through the—Milky Way

Andromeda Galaxy—far reaching

Supercluster—Virgo, Fornax

Riding the solar express


Using a cosmic retina—watching

A cosmic spider—spinning its web

Of flowing energy—space and time

Holding out my hand—absorbing

Ultraviolet B—converting into D

I lay cradled in green—organic Fibonacci

Looking up through—nitrogen and oxygen

As a dot on a speck.




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