The Audience

We all want an audience for what we choose to write. Finding that audience is not as easy as you would think. I’m at a real conundrum in my writing. I love to write personal narratives, poetry, and fiction. I like to write fictional stories which usually include dragons. I have written plenty of short personal stories about my youth or about anything that I happen to find inspirational. So, when asked who I think my audience is I stutter and stammer like a child giving their first oral report. Then, I shrug my shoulders.


While I am finishing the last year of my English/Creative Writing degree, I have had the opportunity to explore the world of poetry. I think my poetry workshops were some of the most enjoyable classes I attended. I have no doubt that I will continue to write poetry. One of the greatest joys I have is writing about personal experiences whether they are things I’ve created, childhood memories, or recent vacations.

So, the question is “Who is my audience?” My answer can only be that it is varied. My audience depends on the genre I am writing. If I am writing fantasy fiction, my audience will be quite possibly young adults and women mostly. If I am writing poetry, it will be poets of all ages. Narrative nonfiction and memoir could reach a broader audience.


I will follow in the way of many of my favorite writers who practice versatility. Annie Dillard, Aimee Picchi, and Daniela Gioseffi–they are the women who seek to reach the world in whatever way they can with their writing. Perhaps one day someone will relate to me in the same way I relate to these deep thinking and talented writers.


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